Information sent to Minister of Isolation Facilities (Megan Woods), Prime Minister, and Minister of Health 22 September, 2020.

It is essential that

(a) we keep as much as possible our covid free community transmission status in New Zealand

(b) we start to rebuild business in long term students, essential workers, and long stay tourists, as well as meet the needs for isolation for returning New Zealanders.


Thirty two hotels are now being used for managed isolation but many require extended transfers from the arrival points in Auckland and Christchurch, offer accommodation designed for 1-2 night stays rather than extended periods, and are difficult to maintain security at.

There are more than 300 cruise ships idle around the world at the moment looking for some income. Most of the newer ships have a high percentage of balcony cabins offering

** Living areas designed for 1-4 weeks luxurious accommodation with one double or 2 single beds, separate sitting area, TV, bathroom and toilet, closet etc.

** Exclusive balcony with loungers to relax in the open air. Air conditioning is not required.

** Full catering facilities for delivering meals to rooms

** Two pathways through the ship to keep staff and isolationists separate with separate access from the dock, wide stairways, and separate elevator blocks fore and aft.

** Facilities for managed exercise if required on the promenade deck.

** A ship or ships could be here within a month and a smaller ship within 3 weeks.

** One ship could be berthed at Devonport with the navy providing security.

Two ships could be berthed at Captain Cook wharf with a security centre on the wharf.

** Security is easier to maintain on a cruise ship than in a hotel.

** Costs would be similar to the quoted $3,000 - $4,000 per person for 14 nights

It would be completely self funded for university students, workers, and long stay tourists.

** Many of the larger ships have 500 – 600 balcony cabins spread over 4-5 decks. To ensure true separation it may be necessary to only use every 2nd cabin or else construct divider shields between each balcony.

It seems that the current New Zealand government is philosophically opposed to using cruise ships without considering their benefits and overcoming any perceived weaknesses. It is imperative we start to rebuild our economy without endangering our Covid free status.

The use of hotels assists our hotel companies to keep staff employed and cash flow going. It is not necessary to reduce this. Students, workers, and tourists who want extended stays in New Zealand and are willing to self pay their isolation, contribute to every part of New Zealand's economy including tourist activities, farming, and hospitality industries.


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Isolation facilities - the cruise ship solution

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