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Where there is no vision the people perish 

Righteousness exalts a nation but sin is a shame to any people      

A nation divided against itself cannot stand. 

Five policies I wanted to introduce in 1987 and 1990 which would have had a huge influence on the nation today. 

** Housing. Introduce a voluntary housing saving account and encourage participation from time of starting work with savings level set that after 10 years and substantial government subsidy 2 people saving would have enough for a 50% deposit on a reasonable standard house. This would have developed the savings habit from time of commencing work and a huge pool of savings reserves, and enable people to get into houses with much reduced mortgages and interest payments making a huge difference to retirement. 

** Health. I believe there are many more healing properties in nature than we give God credit for.  We would have gathered the best researchers from private enterprise and universities under the leadership of the DSIR (then in existence) for intensive research of all natural plants and remedies with the same intensive testing as normal drugs and patented those that worked with patents held by the government for the benefit of all. We would have drawn from the extensive experience of Maori in natural remedies. We would know by now what worked and what did not and have a wide range of effective natural drugs at minimal costs. This includes whether medicinal cannabis really works!

** Energy. We would have gathered the best technical reasearchers from private enterprise and universities under the leadership of the DSIR to make New Zealand world leaders in the capture and storage of renewable energy. After 2 years of concentrated development every building would have to meet a green standard of building both for insulation and also for gathering power from solar, and maybe wind, and also capturing rainfall for use in the brown water system. By now we would be exporting this technology, our houses would be much warmer, and no further massive power generation units would be needed.         

** Race Relations. The National Governmment accelerated the whole separatist movement of trying to develop a country with separate rights for separate people. They need to listen to thr words of Jesus "A house divided against itself cannot stand". The Treaty of Waitangi was an amazing document which met the needs then in existence and its abuse over the apst few decades ois tragic,. There were five realities we wanted understood. 

1. Culture changes from century to century, generation to generation 

2. In any culture at any time there is both good and bad 

3. A smart society/country draws the best from each culture available to it and melds it into a new and better culture.

4.  Everyone must be free to practice their culture and beliefs as they wish provided it does not harm others. 

5.  Everyone must be equal before the law. We do not have this in New Zealand.



My history in Central Government politics 

I have always been interested in the way nations and empires rise and fall and the part religion and culture play in forging societies. Travel in 90 countries has opened my eyes to a wide variety of governments and societies. In 1984 I decided to enter politics in New Zealand. My philosophy of life and understanding of the way nations and people function best is shaped by my christian faith however with a complete understanding of the words of Jesus Christ 'give to Ceasar the things that are Ceasars and give to God the things that are Gods. We have 2 responsibilities in life - to God - and to each other. 

When looking for a political party to join in 1964 I quickly realised that the National Party was basically corrupt and a party determined to retain power at any cost. Then along came the New Zealand Party led by Bob Jones offering policies and principles I could totally agree with. My political career started as a foot slogger in the Mt Albert Electorate. The New Zealand Party had an amazing result in the 1984 election but under the 'First Past the Post' system of government gained no seats in Parliament. In 1985 Bob Jones and the Party leadership decided to amalgamate with The National Party. Many of us said no and the party continued under John Galvin for some months until he too decided to give in and amalgamate with the National Party. A smaller group of us felt we could not do that and be true to our beliefs and principles and I was appointed leader for the 1987 and 1990 elections. We had a lot of fun and developed exciting and progressive policies which would have made a great difference to New Zealand but achieved little without the money and media attention of a Bob Jones. In 1993 the National Party showed their true colours by destroying my business of tourism and trade development with China including a $4 million a year contract with the Beijing Economic Development Commission (at a time they also took over $1 million off Chinese students under false pretences and outright stole over $5 million of Chinese students money. The former was never repaid and the latter only partly remediated with the payment of $3.2 million to the Centre for Scholarly Exchanges in Beijing)  and while we formed a Coalition of small parties for the 1993 election disbanded soon after.  

The reason given for the destruction of my business by someone in a senior Cabinet Ministers office was because of my "attemtpts to keep the New Zealand Party going". 

I have stood for the Conservative Party in the 2011 and 2017 elections. I still passionately believe there are better ways of running this country than offered by the past or present governments. The National Party did enormous damage to New Zealand during its 9 years in power from 2008 to 2017 and the current Labour led coalition is proving its incompetence in many issues including housing, transport, and welfare.    

Stephen Greenfield

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