25th September, 2021


Jacinda Ardern and Grant Robertson did an excellent job in the early stages of the Covid 19 Pandemic when no one really knew what was happening and where it would go. Moving fast with the lock down and the provision of support such as the Wage subsidy provided the immediate means to allow time for the long term situation to become clearer, and a plan for the future developed. Unfortunately they are failing to provide certainty and a way ahead. That may be difficult in the We have no time to waste as it is generally recognised that the next year is going to be extremely difficult with rising unemployment, increasing debt and social problems, and bigger social issues. 

For 10 years I have been saying to anyone who would listen (not many!) that so much of the vaunted GDP 'growth' was based on creating greed and a desire for things that we did not need based on a very unstable foundation of debt. The day of reckoning has arrived!. We have exploited the planet, damaged our relationships, and created our social dysfunction..  

There are four basic needs that every human has: food, clothing, shelter, and peace of mind. It is the responsibility of government to ensure that every person has access to the first 3 at least. The fourth comes into the spiritual dimension.. 

25th September, 2021

To vaxx or not to vaxx - a question vexing many. What are our responsibilities as well as our rights? Where do conspiracy theories and false information come from? Is there a spiritual dimension to this question?

We need first of all to deal with the here and now. We are caught in a major pandemic which is still raging around the world and there are many unknowns about the future course of the pandemic.

The evidence (facts, science) is overwhelming that the Pfizer vaccine provides a high measure of protection against (a) getting Covid and (b) reducing the severity if we do get it. The evidence of the last few weeks where the vast majority of those being hospitalised in New Zealand have not been vaccinated. Last week o one day 35 were in hospital and only one had been vaccinated, and that too recently to have taken effect.That should be sufficient evidence for the doubters. 

Everyone eligible should be vaccinated as soon as possible. You owe it to yourself to minimise your chances of getting the disease, and its severity if you do.

You owe it to others to minimise the chance of your getting Covid and passing it on to someone else. 

You owe it to others to help ensure that we can allow work and social activities to return to as high a level of activity as possible as quickly as possible. 

You owe it to the totally stretched health workers and hospitals to do all possible not to need their services and deny others the opportunity to have their medical needs met for surgeries etc.

It's quick, it's easy, it's free! 

Is there a spiritual dimension to this?

Is there a conspiracy to take over the world? Absolutely.  But not by the usually named culprits. Satan is just as real as God. He is determined to try and usurp the place of Jesus Christ and he knows that his time is short before God is going to bring human history as we know it to a close. Pandemics are one of the 39 signs Jesus told us to watch out for to show that human history is coming to its end. Most of the other signs are now evident as well. (See: Will this world as we know it end").

The Bible tells us in the book of Daniel and the Book of Revelation of the final part of human history when there will be a time of great economic, social, medical, and environmental chaos and turmoil, One third of humanity will be killed by famine, disease, and war. Out of the chaos will come a charismatic leader who will persuade the masses to follow him as he promises them utopia and leads them to hell. The time will come when people who follow Jesus will be unable to buy and sell and great persecution will take place.  

Too many people waste an enormous amount of nervous energy try to determine who the Beast, the Antichrist, and the False Prophet portrayed in Daniel and Revelation are. Jesus made it very plain to his followers  that he was not going to tell them when the time of the end would be but simply promised his followers that he would come back and get them to take them to his home and our responsibility is to be ready.at any time. 

Is the much greater level of government control in masking, lockdowns, the reducing of human interaction, and huge debts being piled up leading into this chaos? I do not know. It could be.

In my view we deal with the present and get vaccinated and obey the rules to stamp covid out again if possible. (And yes, I had both jabs in July). There is absolutely no credible evidence that the vaccine is part of any plot.

But we also need to think  of the deeper issues and be prepared for darker times ahead. Anyone who recognises that there is only one God comprised of the Father, Son (Jesus Christ), and Holy Spirit and puts their faith in Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour has eternal life.  Jesus died so that we could have everlasting life and live in his home forever. He gives you the invitation to become a child of God and citizen of his perfect kingdom. If you accept then relax and know that God is in control and working his purposes out. We don't need to fret.









1. Recognise that the new normal will be very different to the 'old' normal!

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