NEW ZEALAND TOURS: Join our friendly driver/guides on a relaxed exploration of New Zealand. Guaranteed departures year round for a minimum of two guests and a maximum of sixteen on most tours make for confidence in reservation, flexibility and informality in travel, and the maximum benefit from your New Zealand vacation. From Cape Reinga in the far north to Stewart Island in the far south, and most places in between we have been introducing visitors to our scenery, culture, and people since 1970.  LET'S GET MOVING AND EXPLORE NEW ZEALAND. Our BUBBLE BUSTER TOURS are waiting for you. Form your own group or join ours and lets get going.  

Our Covid Guarantee: Should we need to cancel any tour before departure  through covid restrictions you may transfer your payment to another tour, or another departure date, or receive a full refund of all money paid within 2 working days of our receiving your bank details. Should you decide to cancel normal cancellation fees apply.   

FABULOUS FIORDLAND.  featuring Queenstown, Milford Sound cruise, Te Anau, two night Doubtful Sound cruise, Queenstown. Commence Queenstown every tuesday and thursday to 06 September.  Just $1990 share room.

WORLD OF WEARABLE ART. October 11 - 14. Includes air fare to Wellington, and return, 3 nights Wellington 4 star hotel. Full day Wellington sightseeing including Parliament House and Governor General's house tours., Full day Wairarapa tour, World of Wearable Art show with Premium seats and programme.

RAROTONGA AND AITUTAKI. Space for 1 lady to share a room. Last chance!

Coronavirus, cyclones, floods, earthquakes,  - nature gone rogue, warning, or judgement? Wars - violence - corruption. What does it all mean? .......  Find out more....  Secret of a succesful Nation. Find out more ... Secret of Personal Success in this life and the next......Find out more....   Race and culture..... Find out more.

A MEDITATION FOR MATARIKI: God merely spoke and the heavens were created. He breathed the word and all the stars were born.      (Written 3,000 years ago speaking of creation - Psalm 33 v 6) 

Written about 4,200 years ago when God is speaking to Job "Can you direct the movement of the stars - binding the cluster of the Pleiades or loosening the cords of Orion? Can you direct the sequence of the seasons or guide the lion and her cubs across the heavens? Do you know the laws of the universe? Can you use them to regulate the earth? Can you shout to the clouds and make it rain? Can you make lightning appear and cause it to strike as you direct? Who gives intuition to the heart and instinct to the mind? (Job 38 v 31-36)

At Matariki let us respect the rich Maori culture - and worship the one true God who created all things for all humanity to enjoy equally. The heavens declare the glory of God, the skies show His handiwork! At creation God instructed Adam to manage the earth. This came across the Middle East, Asia and the Pacific to Aotearoa with Maori as Kaitiakitanga, and across Europe to Britain and on to New Zealand as stewardship. We can do better to fulfil the instruction together.

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