The way ahead for Auckland’s public transport in a covid affected world


SUPERMAXX - key benefits

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a vastly better, more integrated,
economical and frequent network.


Impact of COVID-19

It is well recognized that the Coronavirus lockdown has made huge changes in the way people work and the numbers commuting by public transport. More people will work from home or on flexible days. Unfortunately, less people will have a job to go to. Many will want to keep their private car bubble for extra security. These effects will last for many months, if not years. It is imperative that we provide the best possible public transport at the lowest possible cost in the shortest possible time

Auckland Council is in a financial crisis with no ability to get out of it. If Supermaxx had been introduced in 2007 over $1 billion would have been saved in subsidies through lower operating costs and increased revenue and the public would have had much better services and lower fares. We would be in much better shape to handle the pandemic.


A solution that benefits all involved

Moving to the schedules in this brochure and to unlimited travel passes will provide huge savings for Commuters, Auckland Council, Auckland Transport, and taxpayers. It also provides a much better more integrated city-wide service.



Unlimited Travel Passes Adult Concession
30 days $75 $30
7 days $25 $10
1 day $10 $5
2 hours* $2 $1

* from first to last boarding

Supermaxx Subsidy Savings – at least $100 million per year




Over 80% of residents within the urban area bounded by Albany, Westgate, Henderson, Papakura, and Cockle Bay will be within a 5 minute walk to a SUPERMAXX service, 90% within a  15 minute walk.

Find out more about the SUPERMAXX benefits with examples and frequently asked questions.

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SUPERMAXX Financials

AT's long term plan shows a budget for 2021/2022 with a deficit of $415 million, to be funded by NZTA and Auckland Council.
In comparison, SUPERMAXX would reduce this to less than $211 million.

A saving of $204 million per year!

AT vs Supermaxx Revenue, Expeniture and  Deficit

View Financial Breakdown

SUPERMAXX Fare Comparison

Not only does SUPERMAXX save taxpayers huge sums, it also provides massive savings for commuters.

Fare Type AT SUPERMAXX Savings
Monthly pass bus/train $215 $75 $140
7 day Pass N.A. $25  
1 day Pass $18 $10 $8
2 hour pass (First to last boarding) N.A. $2  
1 zone ($2.20 x 2 Journeys x 21 days) $92, 40 $75 $17.40
2 zones ($3.90 x 2 Journeys x 21 days) $163. 80 $75 $88.80
3 zones ($5.40 x 2 Journeys x 21 days) $226.80 $75 $151.80
4 zones ($6.80 x 2 Journeys x 21 days) $285.60 $75 $210.60
5 zones ($8.00 x 2 Journeys x 21 days) $336.00 $75 $261.00

View Full Fare Comparisons



One supercity zone Wellsford to Waiuku costing commuters only $75 for 30 days. With 13 major hubs, 15 mini hubs and 14 major connecting points, SUPERMAXX will make navigating Auckland easy and efficient. 


Find out more about:

For the SUPERMAXX Network to work effiencently, there are an number of other concepts that need to be considered:



The first edition of SUPERMAXX was prepared in 2006 and presented in 2007 to Auckland Regional Council, Auckland Regional Transport Authority, and all Mayors and City Councillors in Auckland region, plus every central government politician. It has been updated and re-presented 6 times since. No one has proven my claims to be wrong.

This edition prepared 01 October 2021 to meet our covid ‘new reality’.

My request to Auckland Transport and politicians has always been to:

  1. Prove that my claims are invalid OR
  2. Come up with something better OR
  3. Implement SUPERMAXX

They have done none of the above.

Auckland Council are now in deep financial trouble and have no idea how to get out of it.

Auckland Transport budget for public transport subsidies has blown out from $328.5 million in 2019/2020 to $415 million in 2021/2022. No changes have been made to address this by reducing costs and/or increasing revenue.

The ongoing effects of Covid will continue to suppress patronage through changing work patterns, fewer people working in the inner city, and the desire for ‘bubble security’ by using private cars.

No amount of modelling can really show how much patronage will increase if Supermaxx is completely implemented providing:

However, I believe it will be substantial. 2022 will probably be much more difficult than 2021 and 2020 for many people.

It is imperative that we act now to provide the best possible public transport at the lowest possible cost in the shortest possible time.

To understand all the details of the SUPERMAXX solution:



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